Sunday, January 03, 2010
11:05 pm}

{Shaheen Jafargholi SO COOL}
DAMN i jus had to introduce this video to everyone out there, im nt sure why i jus got hooked onto BGT. but omg, tis is AMAZING.

haha!!! i jus love how simon's expression changes from the 1st song to 2nd song.... watch 3:02, his expression is my new fetish man~~ :D:D damn cool la this boy!!!! ^^
Friday, January 01, 2010
1:23 am}

{2010. wad a blastOFF}
since im bored with nth to do, shall blog. after lik EONS!


oh my its 2010 alr. SO FAST!!! and it felt lik ytd tt i started year5, and soon, my dreaded A's are gonna start. i really cant bear to leave dunman u noe. my 2nd home for the past 5 years. :( ill miss u guys, EVERYBODY! hais, i feel sad alr.

oh well, HOLS ARE ENDING!! and i still hav stuff left undone. like...
1) i haven caught avatar in 3D!!!
2) i haven met up with bought new shoes!!!
3) i have yet to finish my hwk!!!
4) i haven played/rest enuff <---- ARGH!

actually i duno wad i haven done, but i really really really wanna catch avatar in 3D. everyone says its awesome.. :( but anyway, lucky i got to catch sherlock, even though i watched it twice. LOLS. thanks to jann and huiting refusing to watch other shows. end up i hav to watch sherlock again. then joshua keep "anything". DAMN! haha but nvm la, still quite nice, i jus love his brilliant mind.. oh why wont he share some of his intelligence with me...
Wednesday, November 04, 2009
10:48 pm}

{FLOCK is such a FLOCK}
OMG FLOCK IS SUPER COOL. im currently using it to blog without actually blogging using BLOGGER. HAHAHA HOW COOL IS TT!!!

okok, super short post. jus wanna wish all the B and C div ppl all the best for their upcoming matches!!! JIAYOU!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009
7:22 pm}

{PW PW PW!!! i want TRAINING!!!}

im really getting affected emotionally lately. and this leads to me feeling REALLY fatigued. i jus cant seem to wait. or rather, i wish i could get the answer soon.

but nevertheless, i tried to cheer myself one way or another. but omg, lovell intro-ed me to some jokes. I TOTALLY CANT STOP LAUGHING NOW. HAHAHAHAHA

"Today, I was playing my iPod on shuffle. The song, "This is Not the End" by The Bravery came on. The next song was "This is the End" by She Wants Revenge. It was followed by "The End." by My Chemical Romance. As soon as the songs finished, the battery promptly died. I think my iPod left a suicide note. MLIA"

LIK OMG, but tts nt the funny one.

"About a week ago I was messing around with the hide button on Facebook. I had never "hidden" anyone so I decided to see exactly what it did and chose to hide a friend of mine who goes to my school. Ever since I hid him last Wednesday he hasn't been in school and no one knows where he is. Facebook, if you're reading this, I want my friend back. MLIA."

i couldnt stop laughing at this one. SUPER RETARDED!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHHA. omg

okay, actually i posted jus to share the jokes, i gotta go back to practice my script.

PW and TRAINING is hurting me physically. THINKING ABOUT YOU is hurting me mentally. im on the verge of breaking down.
Saturday, October 24, 2009
2:54 pm}


somehow i think this is one of the happier bdays i've experienced, even though there were some downs. but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR BDAY WISHES! first time my facebook profile is so flooded. and presents! whee!

i have many thanks to lala, pig and yl! kbox was fun with tt retarded game tt im sure to lose. lik chinese songs?! how many of them do i listen to la. HAHA! but oh well, thanks dino for tryin to make me fat and thanks lala for trying to make me look ah beng, (but my mum says the bag looks nice! so i shall give u some credit.) HAHAHA! thanks VICKI for being the very first person to wish me happy bday at 12midnite!!! and omg KANGSHENG u were 2nd! hahah nt bad nt bad. then nicholas and elizabeth who so kindly pardoned me frm PW HELL for almost the whole day cos its my bday, LOVE YOU GUYS! but eventually i still ended up doin till 4am in the morning without sleeping and leaving hse at 6am, without sleeping in between too. LOLS! and also CHERYL ER!!! thanks a million for tt crumpler bag! :D i love it, really.

trainings have finally resumed, even without the presence of marvin. however i tink jiajin is doin quite a good job, NICE ONE CAPT! its tough, but we shall hang on, tmr is my last year in dunman, and i dun want to regret my lack of hardwork. so HANG ON CLINTON!! and i wish jx all the best and QUICK QUICK RECOVER! we need u :D and lionel too for his sprained leg, aiyo. dun add on to anymore injuries team!

oh then i also gotta wish anthea GOOD LUCK for her finals in interclass, or else ltr she come bug me to wish her goodluck xD. jiayou jing xuan!

this will be a short post anyway so im ending off really quick, but b4 tt, i shall wish all the year5s

Tuesday, October 06, 2009
8:38 pm}

{WoW vs Lion}
HI ppl!! omg exams are finally over!!!!!! im so happy...LALAL~~~~~ and today mr tan said i pass my GP! lik YAY at least i hav chance to promote now..HAHAHA.

okay this week jus started lik, TODAY, didnt post much over the weeks sorry, im nt gonna talk much actually but ive got a few videos to show, some funny some sad. i wanna show the funny one firs.

HAHAHHA i totally laughed for 15mins when i watched tis okay, DAMN Funny, Si Chun would love this video la, another WoW fanatic. haha!!

then then today my lecturer showed us this, prepare your tissue boxes, cos its REALLY touching.

alrite, i hope u guys enjoyed, thats all from me for now, i gotta CHIONG my PW, haha! ciao ppl!
Saturday, September 19, 2009
11:27 pm}


ARH!!!!! finally!! all lessons b4 exams have finally finished!! all pls pls, let the paper be easy, im really scared to fail leh!! blargh, lets jus hope it'll turn out fine

friday was kinda okay.......jus wanted to say......OMG WE WERE DAMN SLACK, i cant say why or the bunch of us will probably be dead meat, but hell, last day of lessons and we did this..HAHAH!!!!
after sch, rained lik Zzzz, played abit of vball with creshelle and janet with zhou hong(i duno how to spell your name, sry)'s ball. then LOLS smt really embarassing happened, play halfway, creshelle spiked and i went down to save it, NOT REMEMBERING I WAS WEARING SCHOOL PANTS! and (cloth tearing sound) i bloody split my pants, and a humongous hole at tt. i was lik omg then quickly walked to the side (the table) and sat there while asking for pants and oh thank god stephen had an extra..YAY! so i changed lik, on the spot cos i cant afford to walk to the toilets or more ppl will see it (its REALLY huge). so stephen, and some of the other guys helped to block while i changed..WALAO freaking embarassing. pfft! oh but stephen's pants are really HUGE..haa it almost slipped off me. but of well at least there aint a HOLE

then after tt went for the gameshow, OMG its lik the funniest shit ive ever watched. MR TAN JIN SONG is EPIC! played this game called IQ三连拍 and mr tan was forced to play due to high high high popular demand. then chak was lik "ive studied in dunman for 4/5 years just to see one thing: MR TAN GROOVING!!" then everyone cheered. and tan is epic funny okay, u all shld go find videos frm your friends if they have or wadever, i cant stop laughing. i JUST cant stop. oh and there was one more, the wilson event, but i duno how to exactly described it, bcos im afraid i cant do justice to the sheer hilariousity(is there such a word) by describing it out with words, in short, its BEYOND words.

well after tt, went zhen xin yuan for some OPENING CEREMONY, but i have no damn hell idea what is being OPENED. -_- couldnt hear a single thing frm the speakers, so muffled. but well it was short so we went to the PAC after it for our concert, nt bad i must say, i was mostly preoccupied with helping the SCs with balloon blowing. and GAHAHAHA! shitty balloon(inside joke) is so damn funny too. i cant believe daniel really threw it down when all of us were lik NO! with the "oh no, shit" face.

after concert, went to play vball with ziren, junwei, waisiang, yuanwei, ivan, wenxin, jx, lionel, ray, XC and valerie. dman funny, we kept hitting the bunch of sec3s who were lik playing at our court when there is lik another open vacant court on the other side, i jus duno wad they are tinking. then ziren and junwei, kept hitting them, esp sad for jiaqi who got hit on e head 2 times in a row, poor thing. HAHAHA! played and played then went canteen for a drink and jus nice! elton dad could fetch me, so i hitched a ride and got home at 8.30 (which is SUPER fast). then bathed and wsa really tired, so i slept, only to wake up at 1.30. duno why tho.

today was jus slack, nth really happened so i dun want to go on elaborating. so, i tink its time to go back to mugging! bye ppl
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